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Thanks for paying a visit to my website. My name is Jeff Blackson and I'm a manager in "Jamble" restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm also a gambler and I love the entire thrill that this activity gives. My restaurant is decorated as a real food casino. All our visitors love our decorations, which are pretty much similar to a real casino.

Cheating in Blackjack

cheating in blackjack

It is so good if you are winning at blackjack. But what is you have a cold hand tonight and only horrible cards come to you. You start thinking about cheating in blackjack. Believe me, it's not wirth it. Be honest and be smart! Read more at

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Well, you might have already tried many casinos and their bonuses. Some of them are fine, some are decent, and some are not worthy of attention. You should check out some site about online blackjack: Blackjack Doc or Casino Dave for some instructions.

Choose a blackjack download from the list below today and play your favorite game at home with ease:

Black 'o' Jack 1.0


  • A Feature of Autobetting
  • Full Details of Statistical Information
  • Game Play with Real Voices
  • Various Audio Tracks for the Background
  • Super 21 Blackjack Game

Blackjack Portable Multilingual

The goal of blackjack would be to get a card total closer to the number 21 when compared to the card total of the dealer without going over 21. Here, aces are worth 1 or 11, while face cards are worth 10 and the number cards are worth their own face value.

If your initial two cards consists of a card with a value of 10 and an Ace, you are said to have a Blackjack, winning you 1.5 times your actual bet. If you have a total closer to 21 and higher than the total of the dealer, you will win the same amount as your bet. If you exceed a total of 21, you lose or 'bust'. If you end up having the same total as the dealer, nobody will win and you will simply get your bet back or 'push'. A Blackjack beats everything, even an eventual total of 21.

Super Mega Blackjack Supreme

This is probably the ultimate blackjack download. Not as with other games of blackjack, this one combines the excitement of regular blackjack with amazing brand new features. Begin at a table and try to get to the status of a high roller the more you play. With a built-in banking system, it would even be possible to take bank loans out and play beyond bankruptcy - a never-ending gaming experience!

Even if you have never played a game of blackjack in your life, your in-game assistant will teach you all you have to k now as a beginner.


  • Acceptance of Bank Loans
  • Automatic Handling of Aces
  • Double-Downs on Hands
  • Payment Systems that are Easy to Understand and View
  • Easy Help System with Built-In Assistant
  • Endless gameplay hours
  • Option of Hand-Splitting up to Three Hands
  • Move Up Tables that Have Higher Limits of Betting
  • Real Casino-Like Action with Proper Payouts
  • Basic Blackjack Download Interface
  • Sound and Music Effects of Top Quality with an Option to Mute
  • Real Virtual Decks

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