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Thanks for paying a visit to my website. My name is Jeff Blackson and I'm a manager in "Jamble" restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm also a gambler and I love the entire thrill that this activity gives. My restaurant is decorated as a real food casino. All our visitors love our decorations, which are pretty much similar to a real casino.

Cheating in Blackjack

cheating in blackjack

It is so good if you are winning at blackjack. But what is you have a cold hand tonight and only horrible cards come to you. You start thinking about cheating in blackjack. Believe me, it's not wirth it. Be honest and be smart! Read more at

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Well, you might have already tried many casinos and their bonuses. Some of them are fine, some are decent, and some are not worthy of attention. You should check out some site about online blackjack: Blackjack Doc or Casino Dave for some instructions.

Internet blackjack is one of the more popular games today for a reason since it does not just depend on luck, but on how quick of a thinker you are and how skilled of a player. Plus, blackjack's house edge happens to be on the lowest scale when it comes to casino games.

How to Play the Game

You need to play against dealers in blackjack instead of other players. Your goal would be to get a total of 21 points without exceeding that number, otherwise you will bust. You get dealt two cards, and their points have to be added up before you make a fast decision: to hit for a second card or stand with the amount that you have. The overall points are counted by adding up each card's face value together. If you have more points than the dealer without exceeding 21 points, you win. But if your total is lower, you lose. If the both of you happen to have the exact same amount, you will not lose or win anything. If anybody gets a 21 with their first two cards, it is called a Blackjack. If you get this, several casinos might give you a premium. You also win if the dealer ends up busting. It is easy. However, if you add every blackjack strategy you can learn into the mix, things might get a bit complicated yet still more interesting.

Simple Blackjack Strategies

Here is a basic blackjack strategy you can learn if you would rather steer clear of the more complicated ones:

If the dealer gets smaller face-up cards with a value of 2 to 6, you should stand - regardless if you only have 13. This is because there is a high chance of the dealer busting and you winning despite your low hand. That is why it is good to know your blackjack odds. Common sense will tell you to stand at 17, as well. This are merely some easy ways to begin playing the game. However, things get harder and more fun the more you play internet blackjack - especially after you learn more advanced methods strategies and get a better understanding regarding the rules of the game.

Casinos online tend to have an advantage for novices in blackjack since practicing online with fake money can teach you the ropes. Such practice games can help you try out the strategies mentioned above until you feel comfortable with real, fast internet blackjack games that work with real money. A lot of casinos online will even let you play for much lower amounts until you are ready and also provide bonuses just for signing up with them.

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